We Help Professionals, Attorneys, and Business Owners Stay in the Game

Achieving success in marketing is a journey, a process. As your business goes through ups and downs, your marketing must adjust and accommodate. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, frustrated, and quit, especially during downtimes. But that is when it is most vital for you to stay in the game.

We Bring Clarity and Focus to Marketing Ideas

Each of our marketing packages provides you with an actionable plan that brings the best ideas to life so your marketing does what you want it to do: generate more leads and convert prospects, all with a positive ROI.

We Help You Get Through Overwhelm and Frustration

We look at the whole picture and we also break it down so the process is clear. Marketing that never makes it out the door is useless. So we make sure the solutions we give you are do-able and trackable.

See where you fall in the marketing journey and explore our services to see how we can help. If you’re not sure where to start, request a Marketing Assets Analysis to do a deep dive into your marketing, your message, and your brand.

Direct Mail

Mass marketing (shouting your message to anyone and everyone) is suicide for the small and medium-sized businesses. 

Small business owners, in particular, are hot targets for advertising companies and can easily fall victim to their empty promises and ignorant marketing advice.

You will usually pay way too much money and get zero results.

Mass marketing is like playing the lottery…you may get a client if the stars align. In reality, your chances of getting struck by lightning (twice) are far better.

That’s why lead generation marketing is so important.

You first build a list of people who have shown interest in what you’re offering, then focus your big-guns sales and marketing efforts on them.


Books and Guides

A self-published book is a staple in any marketer’s marketing arsenal.

It firmly establishes your “expert” status and educates prospective clients on your area of knowledge, your services, and “the problem you can solve for them.”

It instantly lets your ideal clients know you are the one for them, leading them to contact you pre-sold on your services.


If you have an active and healthy list of prospective clients, your next step is to create a sales campaign to convert those leads to real, paying clients. That’s the fancy way of saying, “Get money from their pockets into yours.”


If your newsletter is mostly a checkmark in your marketing, then our newsletter service may not be for you.  

You probably already know the benefits of sending a regular, printed newsletter to your list are many:

  • It keeps you interesting and engaged with your clients, prospects, colleagues, associates, and family and friends. 
  • It keeps you top of mind so you are the person they call when they or someone they know needs your services.
  • It establishes you as a trustworthy, smart, and likeable person who they want to do business with.

Ultimately, the purpose for sending newsletter is to ultimately sell more of our stuff.

But for the business builders and marketers who want their marketing to also establish their brand, strengthen their authority and expand their influence, an exceptional newsletter is what’s needed. 



Simply put, people with status enjoy opportunities that regular folk will rarely get. Opportunities that bring them money, wealth, connections and more money.

People (and their money) are attracted to status. They will seek you and want to be associated with you. They are willing to pay in money, services, investments, promotions, favors, gifts, gratuities, and anything else that will give them the same status that you have created and gained for yourself.


At Zine, we’ve perfected one that almost anyone can do, and it requires NO MORE WORK than what you’ve already invested in the brand called You.

Brand Development

As an entrepreneur and business builder, you probably have some kind of business brand: your logo, your business card, your website, your advertising. But your brand is more than your logo, or your website, or even your products and services.

Your brand is how the market perceives you. The primary way your brand is established is in the message that you “broadcast” to your market. This message is communicated in all of your marketing and advertising, and also the customer experience when they are doing business with you.

Your brand encompasses all of these things:

  • Your market position (what you do and who you do it for)
  • Your value proposition (the problem you solve and the results you acheive)
  • Your unique selling proposition (how you do it and what makes it different)
  • Your style (the manner in which you operate and communicate with your market)
  • Your purpose, mission, and values
  • The fonts, colors, and style of your graphics

In essence, your brand is your business’s personality. To humanize it, it is how your business walks, talks, dresses, thinks, and goes about doing business.

All-In-One Marketing Packages

At Zine, we’ve seen how good marketing can go to waste when it’s done without a holistic, strategic approach.

The packages we’ve created make sure nothing gets missed. You get everything you need for a start-to-finish marketing campaign that gets results, that you can use over and over again.

Attorney Marketing Packages

A holistic approach for implementing lawyer marketing.