At Zine, we been producing newsletters for professionals in a variety of industries since 2005. Every year, we gain greater insight into what makes a newsletter successful and what makes it sputter, both from a content standpoint and a production standpoint.

Here are our top five observations from working with poeple who have seen success with their newsletters:

  • They don’t believe quantity = quality. Four to six articles is all a 4-page newsletter needs. No need to spend more time than necessary writing content.
  • They are strategic about re-purposing content so they’re not always having to write new content.
  • They write in conversational format, infusing personality.
  • They give readers clear opportunities to buy, to contact, or respond in some way. 
  • They make it visually attractive and inviting to read. Because people are still severely influenced by visual appearance. And, the design should be reflection of your unique style and your success.

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