What Makes a Newsletter Exceptional 

A regular, printed newsletter is the best, most reliable demonstration of your principles, values, beliefs, experiences, and life philosophy–all things that expand your authority and credibility. 

And writing your own content for your newsletter is the only way to do this.

It also enforces a regular, consistent discipline of writing and communicating. This is a trait that belongs only to high achievers and thought leaders, and transforms a good newsletter into an exceptional one.

Exceptional newsletters don’t happen if your communication with your market is dull and unremarkable.

Dull and unremarkable happen when you have canned, vanilla messages that are, well nice.

Canned, vanilla messages fail to set you apart from the crowd. 

Look, it’s not enough to just be nice. You have to be authentic. The more genuine and transparent you are in your message, the more attractive you will be to your market. 

In today’s oversaturated market, the battle is not for the minds of your customers but for their hearts. Your tie to them must be based on emotion and not intellect.

If you can think of your newsletter as more than a checkmark on your marketing to-do list, you can have an exceptional newsletter that gets into the heart of your audience.

It is how thought-leaders and high achievers use their newsletter to inspire and educate their readers. Their newsletters are their platforms to wake their market up from the stupor of their overly content lives, and use it to make their corner of the world a little smarter, better. 

THAT, friend, is an exceptional newsletter.

And THAT is why at Zine, we do more than “nice” newsletters.

Don’t Be Nice. Be Authentic.

We believe you have purpose and passion, and your newsletter is one of the most powerful tools to realize your purpose and your passion, and begin creating a business and a legacy you can be proud of. 

The team at Zine creates and distributes stunning newsletters, and they challenge you to rise above typical “me too” advertising by infusing your brand, your personality and your style into every issue.

What You Get

  • Consistent and reliable “touch” with and nurture of your most valuable asset: your list of current and past clients, colleagues, and referral sources. We plan for a minimum of 7 issues of a 4-page newsletter which includes a beautiful custom design and professional layout.
  • Special mailings in between newsletters for some variety in your mailings: 3 interesting, informative, or fun postcards (includes our creative ideas, copywriting and design)
  • Special promotional mailings for “lead” or “sales” generation. 2 holiday promotions  (includes more creative ideas, copywriting and design)
  • Email version of your newsletter to send to your email list. A PDF version of your newsletter is included. As an optional add-on, you also get a promotional image and provocative, teaser headlines to include in the email body. Highly formatted, graphical email newsletters with lots of content are often seen as spammy and deleted. Instead, we entice them to open the electronic version of your beautiful print version. 
  • Help with producing your own content, figuring out your list, printing, postage, schedule, and more. 

If you’re ready to dive deeper, contact us to see if we’re the right fit for you. We’ll review your needs, your list, schedule, budget, process, and other questions you may have and determine if we can help you.