A Newsletter Program for Attorneys Who Want a Stunning and Effective Newsletter Without More Work or Hassle

At Zine, we understand the challenges that attorneys face implementing great marketing such as a regular, published print newsletter. 

You already know the benefits of a newsletter:

It makes you interesting and lets your clients, prospects, colleagues, associates, and family and friends stay engaged;

It keeps you top of mind so you are the person they call when they or someone they know needs your services.

That’s the most basic level of benefits. If that’s all your newsletter does, it will lead to more conversions and higher sales.

But it takes commitment to publish a newsletter. It’s an investment of money, time and mental energy.

Having worked with dozens of attorneys, we get it. It’s work. There may be easy buttons, but they don’t really scratch your itch. 

Do You Want To Do More Than Just Show Up in Your Reader’s Mailboxes?

Do you want to stand out? Establish your authority, build credibility, and gain greater status among your clients, peers, and prospects?

The Zine Newsletter Program for Attorneys yields a stunning and effective newsletter that also helps you rise above dull “me too” advertising.

It does this by infusing your personality, your message, and your style into every issue.

That’s a tall order for many otherwise smart and ambitious attorney. But having done thousands of newsletters for clients over the years, we have a system for it. And we know the biggest pitfalls and speed bumps that prevent people from having a consistent newsletter campaign that is do-able, affordable, and effective.  

How the Zine Newsletter Package for Attorneys Makes Producing a Stunning and Effective Newsletter More Do-AbleMore Affordable, and More Consistent

Six Issues Instead of Twelve
We plan for SIX issues of a 4-page newsletter. We’ve found that six issues a year (every other month) is just as effective as 12 issues a year, and less prone to burn-out and scheduling hiccups. Plus, it essentially cuts your costs in half.  

Postcard Newsletter
What the heck is that? Well, if the idea of producing 4 pages of content (3 1/2 really) gives you shakes at night, then we have what is called the Postcard Newsletter. It’s a postcard that acts like a newsletter, and accomplishes many of the same results that we brag about–keeps you interesting, connected, top-of-mind, likeable, trustable, etc. But the process is simpler (if that was even possible) and perfect as stand-in for any issue or for every issue.

Customized Schedule and Calendar
You get a clear timeline for every issue that gets scheduled on your calendar and helps you set aside time for ideas and writing. You can use your calendar/scheduler, or we can create an online calendar for you. It will send you reminders and let others know not to busy-up your schedule on the days your are scheduled to think and write. 

Two Ready-to-Go Articles a Month
You have access to an article repository where you can choose content and articles to include in your newsletters. These will be relevant and interesting written in the fun, engaging style that we love so much. Select from a treasure trove of articles, images, recipes, puzzles from our article repository that you can add as-is, or customize to fit your style and message. 

Feedback and Consultation on Content
We don’t just throw you out to the wolves to figure it out. We’re the professionals and know what it takes to create the best newsletter possible. This includes giving you guidance on content, engagement, offers, mailing, list building, postage, and more. Plus we give you a big list of potential topics and ideas to inspire you and help you create content.

Beautiful Custom Design and Professional Layout
We yammer on about content, content, content. But people are still severely influenced by beauty. And, as a design agency, we make sure your newsletter is a hot-looking show-stopper in your readers’ mailboxes. 

What About Email Newsletter?
We don’t believe in sending a newsletter over email. Highly formatted emails with lots of pictures and multiple articles come across as spammy and are promptly deleted. No one likes to spend more than a few seconds looking at email. We have a simpler approach to email marketing, which is not the same as a newsletter sent over email. Print newsletter marketing and email newsletter marketing are two different things which we’ll be happy to talk more about with you. But if you insist on sending your print newsletter to your email list, we’ll supply you with a PDF version that can be emailed.      

How Much Does It Cost?

Simple fee structure. 
You pay only for what the issues you produce and mail. There is no annual contract or commitment. But remember this is not a short term solution. You have to mail at least 6-12 issues to see results.  So don’t cop out after 3 issues. 

The first issue costs a little extra.
The first issue is $990 to get everything set up. But all subsequent issues are $590 plus printing and mailing costs. We’ll review your printing options and give you the best solution for printing and mailing. 

If you’re ready to move forward, contact us by completing the form below. We’ll send you real samples, and review your needs, your list, schedule, process, and answer any questions to determine the best way to move forward.

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