If you heard about Zine or Kia Arian through Dan Kennedy, you might be an information marketer.

Information Marketing is traditionally known for the selling of published products such as books, newsletters, subscriptions, and other media. It is focused on the product or the process in which the product is delivered.

Dan Kennedy reinvented this model.

He shifted the focus from product development and delivery to customer monetization. The product is your expertise and knowledge. Newsletters, books, and other media are vehicles for delivering your product. They are not necessarily the product itself.

A traditional information marketer may sell a subscription or products. But a Kennedy-style info-marketer will have front-end products, back-end products, membership, ascension pyramids, and many other ways to engage and monetize the customer.

This type of marketing is much more complex. It requires a deeper understanding of the market, strong copy, and the most available media, both online and offline, used in an integrated way.

A Kennedy-style info-marketing business has multiple moving parts and requires a holistic approach to marketing. Without a big picture understanding of your message and your market, your marketing efforts can become disjointed and weak, and fail to make an impact.

At Zine, we package and present your expertise beautifully so you can sell it effectively.

That’s the fun part. But we also help you gain clarity on your message, your market, your unique brand and distinctive voice in your marketing.

We have a deep understanding of Magnetic Marketing principles and the Renegade Millionaire mindset.

We’ve successfully implemented these principles in hundreds of marketing projects for not only Dan Kennedy and his students and followers, but in our own marketing as well.

If you're looking for a design and marketing team who can hit the ground running to implement Kennedy-style marketing, contact us to discuss your next project, your goals, and how we can help.

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