Five Ways Your Design Can Be More Seductive


Have you ever thought about what factors go into your decision on whether or not to do business with a company? The fact of the matter is, prospects haven’t a clue about the actual quality of a service or product they purchase. It is practically impossible to find out all the information there is to know about a person or a business in order to make a fully informed decision.

Often without realizing it, people resort to visual cues and clues to make those decisions. As business owners, we are also unaware of how our visual appeal affects our prospects.

When business owners ignore the power that the visual senses have in the decision-making process, they unwittingly sabotage their marketing efforts as well as the full potential of selling their products and services.

In this fascinating book, you will discover the ways that people are dramatically influenced simply by what they see with their eyes, and how you can use that information to significantly improve not just your products, publications, books, reports, newsletters, and more, but to power up all of your marketing efforts.

As a BONUS GIFT to you…
… you will also be receiving a certificate for a complimentary 45-Minute Marketing Assets Analysis with the report.

You see, you’re too close to your “stuff” to make an objective determination of how effectively your marketing materials and deliverables are put together, and how they look to the world. You need an objective set of eyes—a second opinion—to give you an accurate assessment.

Your certificate in this book entitles you to that assessment by one of the industry’s leaders in design for direct response and information marketing.

Your  marketing materials are your business’s assets. You have invested extraordinary amounts of time and money to create them. They are the first things that touch potential customers, and they are what keep existing customers connected to you. Reviewing, updating, analyzing, and improving them should be a top priority of any successful business owner.

This analysis is your opportunity to get started on the right foot.

√ I’m interested in learning more about how to make my books, reports, newsletters, sales letters, postcards, catalogs, and the rest of my products look like the successful person I am and want to be, and I want them to PERFORM to their maximum potential for my customers. Send me your free book, “Five Ways Your Design Can Be More Seductive.”  As a BONUS GIFT, I will also receive a certificate for 45-Minute Marketing Assets Analysis, available only to readers of this book.