It reduces the risk of failure and loss, and gives your prospects the assurance that you’re the “real deal,” you know what you’re talking about, and you can help them become as successful as you are.   

Do your prospects see you as successful? How do they even make that determination?

Testimonials and referrals? That helps.

Your website? That’s part of it.

The way your stuff looks? Yes, but…

Your marketing message? Bingo.

Your message and how you present it pulls everything together for your prospect and gives them the assurance they need to move forward.

Business owners are often too close to their stuff to make an objective determination of how their marketing materials sound and look to the world. They need an objective set of eyes—a second opinion—to give them an accurate assessment.

Our in-depth 1 Hour Marketing Assets Analysis is a no-obligation review of all the primary marketing pieces that you use in your business or your practice. We don’t look at just how “pretty” it looks, we look at the whole picture—your product/service, your message, your media, and your market—and give you a professional and objective viewpoint, identify opportunities for improvement, and offer tips and advice that you can act on.

Why do this? 

Because your marketing materials are your business’s assets. You have invested extraordinary amounts of time and money to create them. They are the first things that touch potential clients, and they are what keep existing clients connected to you. Reviewing, updating, analyzing, and improving them should be a top priority for any successful business owner or attorney.

Are we going to try to sell you something? 

Maybe. But we may decide that we’re not the ones who can help you. But even then, you will walk away with a professional analysis of your marketing that could bring in hundreds or thousands of dollars in additional revenue, just by making a few simple, yet strategic improvements that you have somehow missed. 

This valuable consultation and in-depth review is available to you for a $500, which will be credited back to any work or project you hire us to do.

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