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Direct Response Ads, Postcards, Letters and More

Quick Description

Build an active, healthy list of prospective clients and referral sources who automatically bring you cases with a complete direct response campaign that gets more people paying attention to you and your message.  

Why Do You Need This

Mass marketing (shouting your message to anyone and everyone)  is suicide for the small  and medium-sized businesses.  Small business owners in particular are hot targets for advertising companies and can easily fall victim to their empty promises and ignorant marketing advice.

You will usually pay way too much money and get zero results. It’s like playing the lottery…you may get a client if the stars align. In reality, your chances of getting struck by lightening (twice) are far better.

That’s why lead generation marketing is so important. You do low-cost, low-commitment marketing to capture your target clients’ attention, then you focus your big-guns sales and marketing efforts on them.

Juicy Details

To take advantage of this package, you need to have a lead generation offer (such as a book, a report, a webinar, or a seminar) to market.

We’ll help you think through the campaign from start to finish by helping you create a compelling message around your offer, designing the marketing pieces, and creating the landing page to capture the names and contact information of everyone who responds.

Your lead generation marketing will integrate beautifully with your brand look and your overall message.

You get the necessary consulting and hand-holding to make sure there are no holes or gaps that could cause the campaign to fail.

What You Get
  • Help with crafting an irresistible offer to identify and attract your ideal (avatar) client.
  • Broadcasting your message, your brand and your offer in 2 different postcard campaigns. Includes copywriting and design.
  • Continue to reach a wider audience with 2 targeted Facebook ads or email campaigns. Includes copywriting and design.
  • Landing page to capture responses. 
  • Help with compiling mailing lists and executing each campaign

Package Cost: If you’re ready to grow and build on the greatest asset any business can have–your prospect list–contact us using the form below to set up a 30-minute phone meeting to see if we’re the ones who can help you. We’ll review your needs, answer any questions, and determine if we can help you. We can customize any package, but you’ll need a budget of at least $1500 to start.


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