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Leverage the POWER of DIRECT MAIL Without Complicated Funnels, Pages and Pages of Copy, and Tiresome Selling Techniques

Did you know most marketing gets sabotaged with these common issues:

Inconsistent and Sporadic Efforts: When your communication with your market is haphazard and sporadic, you fail to gain momentum, and lose familiarity and credibility with your audience.

Vague or Inconsistent Message: Most marketing messages are either hyped with unproven claims. Or they are rambling and disjointed, leaving the prospect wondering what to do next. Poorly crafted content fails to persuade and get the reader to take action.

Complicated Implementation and Execution: Marketing efforts get scrapped not because they don't work, but because they are overly taxing on the time, energy, and resources required to execute them. A simple yet proven marketing effort that is actually implemented is better than a complex one NOT implemented.


The Million Dollar Direct Mail Program (MDDM) Eliminates These Issues Forever Using Simple and Powerful Marketing Principles That Are Proven to Get Results.



MDDM postcards are built using a very strategic format and style. This format is designed to create familiarity and build trust with your market. The postcards are made in advance and put on a mailing schedule to keep you in a consistent rhythm of connecting with your audience.



The content on the MDDM postcard showcases your past successful work. You are not making claims or trying to persuade. Your results speak for themselves. The needed content already exists within the work you've done. The MDDM just presents it in a compelling and non-intrusive format.



Printing and mailing don't require complicated technology and multi-step funnels. A printed and mailed piece has higher perceived value and commands more attention than online marketing. You automatically put yourself in less crowded and less competitive space to speak to your market.


Here is what the MDDM Program does for you:


Automatic, Scheduled Mailings

Keeps you in front of your prospects, clients, and referral sources on a regular basis. Familiarity and predictability breed trust. Seeing your postcard on a regular basis gives your market confidence that you are reliable and available.

Proof of Success

By using case studies and successful past results as the primary content, you gain credibility. Your success and expertise in your industry are proven without tacky selling language and hype. In addition, no new content creation is required, cutting down time and effort needed from you.

Market Positioning

Repeated exposure of your success raises your status and establishes your reputation among your market and your peers. This attracts higher quality leads and referrals.

Protection Against De-Platforming

Having total control and ownership of your media protects you against online de-platforming and Google/Facebook/YouTube algorithm changes.

Minimal Time and Energy Requirement

No new content creation is required. We build the campaign once, and use it over and over again. Each postcard is evergreen and can be mailed again to maintain consistency. No need to re-invent each time you mail.

Fast and Easy Implementation

The MDDM is a proven formula where 80% of the work is done. The development and execution is straight-forward and requires no special technology or skills from you. Once built, it runs on auto with occasional maintenance.


Is the MDDM for you?

Do you have a list to mail to?
If you have a list of at least 100 past clients, prospects, or referral sources, this campaign will work. We can also help you grow your list.

Do you have successful results with previous clients?
We follow a specific formula to edit the write up of the results and make it compelling. If you don't (yet) have past results or cannot use past results, we repurpose other content using the same principles.

Are you able to convert prospects?
This campaign will bring quality leads to you, but you still have to take the steps to convert them to a client.


What is the Investment?

Postcards are $590 a month, and an initial set up fee of $400. Lower, package pricing is available. Printing and mailing is approximately $200-$800 depending on the size of your mailing list.

MDDM Postcards are assets that can be used over and over again. You don't just mail them once, but as many times as you like. The more postcards you have, the stronger your direct mail campaign.  

If you mail consistently, you WILL recoup your investment many times over.

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