Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?


Business is slow.

You know you need to do some marketing and advertising (what the heck is the difference anyways?).

So you down an espresso, get a mood boost, and find your resolve to do some serious marketing.

“Hmm…the marketing I saw that guy do looked pretty good,” you think.

You quickly pull together something similar for your business, go to Fiverr to find someone to create it. Launch it into the world. And wait.

You might get something. Usually you don’t. You have no way of telling. Business sorta picks back up. You get busy. Forget the marketing you did.

Until it's time for your next Marketing Spasm.

We all suffer from Marketing Spasms.

And the biggest culprit that causes these spasms is a weak, or poorly defined, or even non-existent marketing message.

A weak message is one that says the same thing as your competitors. You just try to out-shout them with more clever, expensive, or fancier marketing.

A poorly-defined message is one that is inconsistent. You say one thing one day, another thing another day. Just shooting in the dark, seeing what sticks.

A non-existent message is advertising that showcases your logo, your tagline, your contact info, and some fancy picture or graphic. (These types of ads make our skin crawl.)

Why All This Talk About Message?


Because your message is tied to your brand. And your brand is how your market perceives you.

What sets you apart? How do people perceive you?

This applies to attorneys, to contractors, to restaurant owners, to realtors, and even to anyone who markets their business.

It’s not enough to tell people how capable you are, or how amazing your service is, or how delicious your food is. That’s just the ante to play.

You don’t even have to be the most capable, or amazing, or yummiest.

What you must have is a different approach that raises you above others who are offering the same services and products.

This is the basis of the marketing we promote and practice, and coach my clients through as we help them create their marketing and build a strong brand.


Discovering Your Unique Brand


Now that you know what a brand is, you are either thinking “Yesss! I know my brand because my business has a distinct personality!”

Or, you’re thinking, “Dang. I’m all over the place. I’m not really sure what sets me apart, or what my purpose is, never mind my visual brand which is hodge-podge of colors, fonts, and logos.”

If that’s you, the Zine Brand Discovery Interview can help you establish a brand and bring greater focus and clarity to all your marketing.


What You Get


  • A 1.5 hour guided interview with Kia Arian that uncovers your “why” and how you got to where you are today.
  • A transcribed version of your interview for your reference.
  • A written Brand Summary Report that provides the following brand elements:
  • Your Anchor Statement - This is the go-to description of who you are and what you do. Sometimes referred to as your elevator pitch.
  • Your Unique Branding Proposition - What you do or how you do something that sets you apart from your competition and makes you unique, distinct, and special.
  • Your Signature Story - Why you do what you do? What is your origin story that describes what brought you to where you are now? Your story is ready to publish on your website or other marketing.
  • Recommended Tag Line or Slogan
  • Recommended Vision, Mission, Purpose
  • Brand Tone and Temperament
  • Challenges and Strengths Going Forward
  • Two One-Hour Coaching Calls to Review Your Brand


The Zine Brand Discovery Interview is a proven strategy for uncovering a brand that is authentic and unique. Not some cookie cutter brand that looks like your competitors.

If you are ready to finally set yourself apart, contact us to see if we’re the right fit for you. We’ll review your needs, answer any questions, and determine if we can help you. We can customize any package, but you’ll need a budget of at least $4500 to start.